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How well do you know crafting games?

Do you know classic crafting games of the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s?

This test is meant for veteran/adult gamers 30-40, but kids and teens
may also take this test to check how well they know about these decades.
The test is weighted. There are no right or wrong answers to any question.
Most correct answers always score the highest. A few others score nothing.

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Test made and written by Alex 2K (C) 2017
Optimized Version 2

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First off, what do you say about the fact that this test isn't about Minecraft?



So, speaking of craft, have you ever played any of these classic titles?
And which one was the most addictive game to you?



The original Warcraft and its both sequels can be downloaded legally
and for free from the internet as packed archives or CD image files.
But there are differences in filesizes, ranging from 4 to 400 MB.
Why is that the case? Select the most obvious reason...



Kids and Teens obviously think crafting games started with Minecraft in 2011.
However, such games already existed in the 1980s and 1990s as "2D scrollers",
only less advanced. They went under different genres. Select the most proper:



The Warcraft and Starcraft series were developed by Blizzard Entertainment.
Blizzard also started another hit series in 1990s. Which one do you pick?



Both Diablo and The Lost Vikings series are not true crafting games,
since they focus only on battlefield tactics, hack&slay and action.
However, in this subgenre there was another series which resembled
Warcraft and were created by different developers. Have you played
any of those titles and which one was the most addictive to you?



Back in the 1990s and early 2000s there were a very popular series, both
single- and multiplayer, which resembled futuristic elements of Starcraft.
Did you play any of those titles and which one do you find most addictive?
(Note: I left out the expansion packs and added its years after commas!)



Which classic series between the 1980s and 1990s do you consider as the
"first crafting games", although they mainly focus on city-building?
(Note: I left out their release years on purpose!)



Now let's leave the world of fantasy, city-building, battles and strategy
and switch to a completely different genre: Cyberpunk first-person shooters.
In your opinion, which classic 3D cyberpunk FPS/RPG series innovated the
inventory system by adding items and weapons crafting elements to it?
(Note: I left out their release years on purpose!)



Which modern game series were inspired the most by the weapons and
items crafting inventory systems of Deus Ex, Neocron, System Shock?



Finally, the last question... I've listed many classic game titles here.
Would you download and play any or all of those classic 1980s-90s games?



Wait! We are not done yet. One extra question:
What have you learned from this nerdy test?


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