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Would you survive in IT.

This test will be a series of questions testing your courage. Good luck. You'll need it.


There is a 7pm curfew put into effect in town due to several disappearances. How do you respond?



You see a red balloon across the street just floating in one spot (not creepy at all). What do you do?



You're walking home from school as you pass by an old, abandoned house. You hear a voice (sounds like your friend), inviting you to come inside. What do you do?



Suppose you went in anyways (regardless of your answer from the last question) and you look around for a while. There are stairs leading to the basement. Do you go down?



Regardless of your previous choice, you go down into the basement to find a well. Suddenly, a clown rises out of the well, telling you you'll float down there. Do you accept his offer?



Suddenly, this clown guy comes out of the well and turns into *whatever you're afraid of.* What course of action do you take?



OK, so you get out of the house alive (unless you picked option 3 or 4). Let's move on to another situation. Through a series of events, you wake up in the sewer with nothing to defend yourself with. You look up and see a bunch of floating in the air. Reaction?



Pennywise starts dancing for you. What do you do?



It's time to fight. There is a giant pile of toys. What is your weapon of choice?



You have defeated Pennywise and continue walking home. You hear a laugh from the drainage pipe on the side of the road. Reaction?


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