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Would I vote for you on an election?

Hello! What do you think, and what is your opinion on these questions? Please, tell me the truth. The purpose of this test is to show how possible is it that I vote fro you on the Election. And, do you know, you might become the President one day.
The result which you get after taking this test shows what is the possibility that I vote for you on the Election.
Even if it turns out that I would not vote for you, you can still be very cool.
So, whatever your result is, thank you for taking this quiz! :-)

A quiz by Ivo Atanasov , from Bulgaria, South-East Europe .


If you governed a country in Europe, would you like your country to be a member state of the European union?



For or against death penalty ?



The higher the budget of a person or a corporation is, the higher taxes they should pay to the state.
Do you agree with this idea?



For or against obligatory military service?



Do you approve the idea, all people to have equal rights, regardless on their gender, social status and race ?



How long should a school year be?



For or against free access to high education for extremely good students?



For or against moral encouragement for good students, consisting of certificates and public approval ?



For or against moral encouragement for workers, who complete their duties precisely,consisting of certificates and public approval ?



For or against restrion of building hotels near the seaside coast and other places in the nature ?



Do you agree that harmless things should be allowed?



For or against euthanasia?



Do you approve the idea citizens to have freedoms and rights?



For or against referendums?



Are you an individualist or a collectivist ?



Should marriages between people from the same gender be allowed?



For or against commerce ?



Should the state support financially jobless people who try to find a job?



Are you amongst the peole who hate foreign stuff and refuse it just because it is foreign, no matter how good it is ?


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