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How well do you know Aphmau Mystreet??

Includes Mystreet season 1 2 etc including emerald secret and starlight there is one correct answer for each question. This is a role play quiz btw!


(This is going to be a role play) 1. PetsForCuteness: Hey guys today almost all of the characters are going to ask a question! Travis: CAN I GO FIRST?!??!!! Pets: sure go ahead. Travis: What kind of personality do I have? (Mystreet season 1)



2. Pets: Who wants to go next? Katelyn: I'll go. Pets: Mkay. Katelyn: HOW DID APH *breath in, breath out* How did Aphmau become a werewolf!?!?!!! Aarmau: uhhhhmmmmm....



Kawaii~Chan: I'm going!!! Zane: *blush* Everyone: OOooo Zane: SHUT UP!! Kawaii~Chan: Heheheee.. Ghost: WHAT?!??!!?!?!! Everyone: NOTHING!! Pets: OKAY ON TO THE QUESTION!!! Kawaii~Chan: (right Ghost is here) How do you feel about Zane and ghost?



*Blaze came in* Pets: BLAZE ask this person a question! Blaze: ummm okay..... What color eyes do I have??



Vylad: Why am I here, I'm not gonna ask, I'm gonna ask a question though! Pets: go right ahead Vylad: what is Zanes favorite sweet? Zane: HEY!!



*Pets Revives Ein* Ein: Wasn't I dead?? Pets: Yes but I revived you only for the day. Ein: Why, doesn't everyone hate me? Everyone: YESSSS!!! Pets: Ok ok ok, yes but you have to ask a question to this person. Ein: Where is Aphmau? Lucinda: She went with Aaron. *Aaron and Aphmau come back* Aarmau: Ein?!?!!!!! Pets: Calm down it's just for today, he's going to ask. *Ein notices Aphmau's ears and tail* Aaron: I know what your thinking, let's talk about this later. Ein: Fineee. Aphmau: Just ask your question!! Ein: OKAY, what did I do to make Aphmau do what she did? Aarmau: *whimper*



Pets: I'm running out of ideas, Lucinda go. Lucinda: ummm ok? When did I teach Aphmau healing magic?



Pets: Still out of ideas, ummmm Teony go! Teony: oh ummm can it be math? Pets: Sure whatever! Teony: ok what is 5 x 150?



*Sylvana walks in* Pets: hi sylvana! Ask this person a question! Sylvana: oh umm ok... Aphmau are you a werewolf??



Garroth: CAN I SPEAK?!?!!! Pets: Oh Garroth, yes ask I forgot you were here! Zane: HAHAHAHAAA!!! Garroth: Shut up! Aphmau: k Garroth go! Garroth: ok, hehe What do I call Zane?? Zane: grrr


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