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Will you survive a Minecraft murder?

Are you going to survive a minecraft murder? Questions including preperations and hiding spots.


You're enjoying a picnic near a tree in Minecraft, but then you see a glimpse of a figure with chain armor and iron axe. You look in the radar to find out it is red, indicating "criminal". What do you do?



You see the criminal walking around. You have 8 selections if you picked "ultra base". Which eight do you do? (Doesn't matter)



The criminal looks behind the tree and in the bush. If you hid in both locations, you died. (remember, this is a hardcore mode realistic server). If you were in ultra base, the criminal was technically invincible until you and your friends, which live in the base, remain. Do you-



A minecraft player, rather friendly and considerate, got stabbed. What do you do? (if you picked ultra base, pick answer one or two)



You slept through the night, but realized the criminal is still asleep. What do you do? (if you picked ultra base, do 1 or 2)



The criminal wakes up moderately injured. You realized he is now vulnerable! What do you do? (pick answer 1 or 2 if you did ultra base)



The defenses (for some reason) missed!



Your base power is out. You charge it. It takes until question 10 to refill! What do you do in your spare time?



You get bored of the first activity: What do you do next?



The power recharged, and the criminal found your hiding spot if you didn't pick Ultra Base! What do you do?


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