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Lockdown - The Story (E1)

In this episode, you are usually taking classes, as this takes place in MIDDLE SCHOOL. You got your phone, 5 best friends, and other people.


You are a room, well, yeah. What room are you in?



Okay, so you are in (Room)? Sure. Wait. (ANNOUNCEMENT: LOCKDOWN. LOCKDOWN. LOCKDOWN.) Oh no! What do you do?



Okay, your other friends brang you to the closest room near the exit. You and your other friends decide the plan. One says to hide, another says to be ready with stinky deodorants, and one is right now saying we should escape and call the cops. What do you do?



Other friends went with the last plan. You and your friends go to the cafeteria. YOU SAW THE KILLER!



Your friend got shot. The murder ran away. What do you do?



You needed to pee so bad. You went to the bathroom. If you are a boy, you're getting "erect" so you couldn't pee. If you are a girl, you pee regularly. (AFFECTS SCORE)



Well, we will continue, in the story! Excited? (DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE)



Liked the test? (DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE)



Still excited? (DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE)



I'm excited too! (DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE)


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