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Are You An Awesome Babysitter?

Go through this storyline and find out how good of a babysitter you are?


The kids parents are about to leave the house what do you ask their parents?



The kids are all sitting on the couch what do you tell them???



The kids names are Sarah and James. What are you gonna do now?? its only 10am



Well that took a little while its now lunch time what are you gonna give the kids for lunch???



What should we do now its only 1pm



Wow time flies...lets do one more activity before dinner. but wait Sarah just tripped on the stairs and hurt her knee what are you gonna do???



Well that took a while to fix up at least its not broken what are you gonna cook for dinner???



Its now 6.30pm and dinner is cooked everyone is at the table what do you ask the kids??



What movie should we watch???



The kids rush up to bed the parents are back what should you say to the parents


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