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Are u my peasant?

Okay so basically what this test does is it decides if u will be a good slave to me


I put a spell on u and it turns u into a robot what do u do?



I tell u to sleep downstairs and I lock the door what do u do?



I cast a spell on u and u fall asleep what do u dream about?



I order u to make me a meal what do u do?



I tie u with a chain and shove u downstairs what do u do?



I order u to build me a HUGE house what do u do?



I cast a spell on u and u become my peasant for the rest of your life



I tell u to go feed my pet dragon what do u do?



I shove u downstairs and lock the door with nothing to eat what do u do?



I tell u to defend me even if u get killed what do u do?



I hand u a brown shirt with rips and a brown pair of pants with black stains on it what do u do?


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