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Are you exotic?

The word "exotic" means something which is strange and extraordinary in an attractive and cool way.
Exotic people or things are rarely seen by definition. This quiz is a way to check if you are exotic.
Even if it turns out that you are not exotic, do not take it seriously. I believe you are cool. There are many ways to be cool without being exotic. What is more, I hope you will have fun with this quiz.
I am saying it again: Whatever your result is, I believe that you are a good and cool person! Because being exotic is only one of the many ways to be a cool and good person!

I put a lot of effort in this quiz. I hope you will enjoy the quiz. :-)

A quiz by: Ivo Atanasov, an autistic man from Bulgaria, South-East Europe.


Did you read the long description of this quiz?



Where is the place, which you consider your home?



If you were given the choice to make a journey around a continent, which one would you rather choose?



Are there any flowers at your home?



Do you have any strange habits, that are harmless and strange at the same time?



What kind of place would you rather choose to live in?



If someone was not very popular and did not have many friends,
but you knew that the person was good, cool and smart,
and if the person offered you to make friends, would you agree?



Choose one of the fruits, listed in this question.



Choose one of the animals, listed in this question.



Do you like relaxing on the beach and enjoying the wonderful sea view in summertime?



Which musical rhythms and melodies do you like better - slow ones or fast ones?



Do you like exotic things?



Do you think that exotic people can be good?



Do you want to be exotic?



What weather conditions could you survive longer - extremely hot or extremely cold?



Where would you rather choose to go for a walk every morning for a month?



Do you expect it to turn out that you are exotic?



Do you like this quiz?


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