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Can You Survive The Zombie Invasion?

Find out if you will survive in the Zombie Apocalypse!


In which one do you live?



Let's do a scenario! You are in the woods with your friend trying to find treasures. You hear a strange noise and walk to the place that you heard it coming
from. You notice a weird footprint in the dirt. You ask your friend if it was him. He says it isn't. You also see a small pool of blood on the ground. You shiver. You walk closer and you trip. You fall into a pile of leaves. Your friend screams. You cover your ears and asked him why he screamed. He doesn't answer. You keep walking closer. You turn around and he is gone. You also see a zombie. What do you do?



Do you live in an uninhabited neighborhood?



Do you go outside alone during the weekends?



Do you get scared of strange noises?



Are you scared of shadows?



Are you claustrophobic?



Scenario #2: You go to the store you usually go to to get the groceries. You try to pull the door open, but it is locked. You wonder why it is locked. You assume it is just closed because it was a Saturday. You forgot the store is not closed on Saturday. You turn around and suddenly, you hear the door being pried open. You turn back around and walk in. You don't notice that there is a zombie next to the door. The store is empty. You wonder why. You hear a strange noise coming from a corner. You run to that corner excited to find out what it is. You see a zombie eating a leg. What do you do?



Are you colorblind?



Did you like this test? (Doesn't effect score)


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