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Do you need to use the bathroom?

Please remember that I want people taking this test to be comfy!! If you don't want to do any of the challenges, you have no obligation to do them, and if you get uncomfortable at any time, feel free to simply submit! If you don't want to soil yourself, feel free to simply use the bathroom ^^ Also, if you at any time wet, mess, or completely soil yourself, please select that option for the rest of the questions! I hope you enjoy!


First question: how desperate are you to pee?



Now, how desperate are you to poop?



Do you want to wet yourself during this quiz?



Do you want to mess yourself during this quiz?



Now, for challenges... If you rated your need to relieve your bladder as less than a 4, go drink two glasses of water. If you rated higher, you only need to drink one ^^ Wait ten minutes, then come back to the quiz. How do you feel now? (And remember--don't drink too much too fast! Stay healthy!)



If you rated your need to relieve your bowels as less than a 4, go eat something filling. Something with fiber ^^ If you rated higher, no need to eat unless you want to! Wait ten minutes, then come back to the quiz. How do you feel now? (Remember--don't eat if you already feel too full or your stomach hurts!)



Now, for imagination-based questions... If you don't have to go by this point, please come back when you do. Also, if at any point you wet or mess (or both) yourself, simply select that option for the rest of the quiz. Ready? Okay, relax as much as possible. Think about letting your bladder empty, about being so desperate to go that it all just spills out, soaking your clothes in wet warmth... How do you feel now?



Again, try to relax. Imagine letting your bowels empty completely, filling your pants with poop... Think about being so desperate that you can't hold it anymore and you mess yourself completely. How do you feel now?



Imagine you are with your s/o or someone you wish was your s/o, cuddling and hanging out. You DESPERATELY need the bathroom--both your bladder and bowels are painfully full--but are too shy to crawl out of your s/o's arms to relieve yourself. You've been holding it for so, so long, and you don't know how much longer you can take it, especially since you're trying your hardest not to squirm so you don't alert your s/o to your situation and embarrass yourself. But now, the situation has gone beyond your ability to control. You're starting to spurt and dampen your underwear, the poop is beginning to force itself out of you and touch the cloth of your underwear, and a HUGE accident is definitely going to happen within the next couple minutes. Thinking about this happening to you, how do you feel now?



Continue imagining the situation from the last question. Just as you feel your significant other shift you out of their arms and ask if you're alright, your body decides it can't take any more, and decides to relieve itself without your input. You let out a shaky gasp as you soak your clothes in urine, your overfull bladder emptying itself all over you and the couch, flooding your pants uncontrollably with pee. Tears start rolling down your cheeks, and you hide your face as you pee in your pants, your clothes growing warm and wet with urine as a puddle collects under you and drips onto the floor. But your body isn't done yet... Your exhausted sphincter muscles finally give out, and, no matter how hard you're pushing your butt into the couch in an attempt to hold it in, a load of poop uncontrollably forces itself from your bowels and fills your pants, soiling your underwear with firm, warm squishiness that makes you lift slightly from the couch as it completely fills your underwear. It's immediately obvious that you've messed yourself from the sound that your poop makes as it pushes against your underwear and the smell. You're emptying your entire bladder in your pants and soaking your clothes in warm urine, pooping in your pants until they feel heavy and bulky and squishy with your poop. You've been holding for so long and the relief is incredible, but you're also beyond humiliated... As your bladder finishes emptying itself and soaking you from the hips down and the stream trickles off, droplets trickling into the puddle on the floor, as the last lump of poop evacuates itself from your bowels and slides into your pants, filling them nearly up to your waistband with a brown, smelly mess, you sob and choke out apologies to your s/o. You just couldn't hold it any longer. To your surprise, however, your s/o scoots closer, wraps their arms around you, and gives you a gentle, loving hug. They tell you that it's alright, that they don't mind, that it was just an accident... Giving you a loving kiss on the cheek, they tell you that you don't need to be embarrassed about your bodily functions around them, that it's healthier and better for you to let everything out when you're really desperate, even if that means wetting or messing yourself and soiling your pants, rather than hold it in. Smiling, they offer to run you a shower, help you clean up, and get you in warm, clean, dry clothes, and you nod gratefully and hug them back, eager to get out of your warm, messy poop-filled pants and wet, sticky, pee-soaked clothes. Though, you think as your s/o helps you to the bathroom, it did feel rather nice... Imagining this happening to you, how do you feel now?



Enough walls of text!! Time for physical challenges ^^ I want you to go and sit on the toilet, if one is available. Keep your pants on and don't cross your legs or hold yourself, but you may use your muscles to hold back your bladder and/or bowels. What happened?



Drink another small glass of water and wait 10 minutes before answering again. During this time, you may not use your hands or feet to hold yourself back, but you may cross your legs and hold with your muscles. How do you feel now?



Time for some exercise! ^^ Do 10 squats (or however many you're physically able to do), making sure to hold the squatting position for a few seconds. How do you feel now?



Now, go back into a squatting position. Stay in that position for 30 seconds, then press on your bladder for 10 seconds, then push as if you were pooping on a toilet for 10 seconds. What happened?



Still squatting, completely relax all your muscles; stop trying to hold it in at all. Do this until you start feeling something come out. What happened?



Last challenge!! Stand up and relax completely. Still relaxing, lower to a squat, then press on your bladder and push hard as if you're pooping on a toilet, both for 45 seconds. What happened?



If you relieved yourself in your pants during this quiz, that's fine! If you used the toilet, that's fine too! But... if you haven't soiled yourself yet, that's incredible! You did so well <3 Don't hold too long--you could hurt yourself. Go use the bathroom if you want, or, if you can't make it, feel free to let it all out where you are. You can intentionally relieve yourself in your pants now too if you want ^^ Just make sure you let it out! So, what did you do!



What happened during this quiz? Did you have an accident?



Did you enjoy this quiz? I hope you did ^^


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