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Is your house haunted?????

is your house haunted? is it haunted by a deadly ghost? a friendly one? should you be worried or scared? lets find out.....


here is a story of something that happened to my friend. i will tell you from her prespective. she said,and it was true,"once i went over to my friend's house to have a playdate. we went outside at night, then we saw a pair of glowing red eyes staring at us from the woods. we ran inside, and told our parents what we saw. they said it was just our imagination, so we went back outside. we started to play again, then we saw the eyes again. this time our parents checked, and they came back inside saying, 'NEVER GO IN THE WOODS, NEAR THE WOODS, OR OUTSIDE WITHOUT SUPERVISION.' so then, my friend was a rebel kinda, so she went into the woods. (continued)



she found bones....



the next day, my friend went out in the woods again and we found some sort of orb that was glowing... the nnneeexxxtttt day my friend told me that she was planning to go back into the woods. the nnnneeeexxtt day, she went into the woods... then she dissapeared. she wasnt coming to school, she never showed up for playdates or sleepovers, she was just........ gone



was that scary?



do you see any shadows in your house?



do you ever hear any noises at night when your family is asleep?



are there any cold spots or rooms in your house?



do your T.Vs or radios come on or off at random times?



do you ever see shadows or hear strange and unfamiliar voices?



do u ever feel like ur getting watched or have the felling like your about to get murdered or attacked?


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