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Would you Rather!! 1

Hello person!! I'm the fatso who created School Yandere 1!!! Making another one takes awhile cuz I got stupid homework... Anyways just enjoy the ones I Have so far!


Hello my hot chicken!!!! You are taking a random tests of Would you Rather!!



Ok first! Would you rather get multiple paper cuts and then jump into a pool of lemonade or would you rather jump off a cliff which where u land has shattered glass (Both are Freakin painful)



Next, would you rather live on an abandoned island with lots of food but no house or live on an abandoned island with water and a house but no food?



Would you rather watch the scariest thing for the rest of your life or watch the most disturbing thing for the rest of your life?



Would you rather have your most favourite character come to your world or you go to their world? (Manga character, Anime, FNAF, etc)



Would you rather live in a world where everyone is the person you dislike or hate and only 1 person loves u or would you rather live in a world where you can never get attention



Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or have someone to spend time with once every 10 years?



Would you rather loose your most valuable thing ever (Jewelry, good luck charm, friends, family, etc) or never be noticed again



Would you rather be the star of the worst movie ever or just get a tiny part in an awesome movie?



That's the end! I'd like to know if you did School Yandere 1 though..



Lastly, how would you want me to improve this test?


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