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School lockdown 11

School lock down 11! Hope you enjoy


You are whatching the news in the canteen area in your school it says a person is on a killing spree for children what do you do?



You find cupcake with green icing and you think it's poised what do you do?



Your bestie is running towards you and you see the killer behind him/her you do....



The killer has you in there hands dragging you away from ur friend 2 min later you've fainted. You wake up in a room where your bestie and crush is there hoping you'll wake up, you do wake up what do you do?



You feel better and you get up you say "I'm feeling better lets go stalk that killer" which way do you go?



Your getting hungry and your crush is tired but your friend has chips you take the chips and share them then you realize the killer is right behind you.you have a MK-15 you turn around and shoot him in the head.then you see an apocalypse of zombies coming at you what do u do



After a long time fighting the zombies you fall down on the ground and get really tired you roll over and say "we should take a rest after that lets go to a room and lock up every thing" you walk over to a classroom and set up what do you need?



You lie down with your ear phones in.You can't get to sleep there's an app on your phone that has sleeping music and an automatic radio app which one do you choose



You wake up and your crush and besties are still in bed but awake you realize that every thing is over and your safe and sound what do you say to yourself



Last question did you enjoy the school lockdown test?


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