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Would you survive a school lockdown?

A killer has entered your school. You can hear him roaming the school, trying to get into every room. Will you survive?


The principal announces a school lockdown. What is the first thing you do?



You hear footsteps coming your way. Uh-Oh!Your teacher realized she didn't lock the door, and the killer is right on the other side! What now?



Even if you did get the keys, the killer got in! What do you do now?



If you stayed where you are, your dead. If you chose anything else, your now running with everyone else. You see an empty room and the keys are right on the door. What happens?



If you ran in alone your dead. If you ran in with the group, or kept running,your now hiding either in the closet or the gym. You hear the killer coming close. Answer?



If you ran out,your dead.If you did anything else, the killer walked right past you. What are u gonna do?



While you were wandering, you come across your class,. You go inside, and see your teacher and another kid dead.You wander out, and here foot steps coming close. Answer?



It was your crush!



Your crush leads you to the group. You then realize on your way your phone is in your pocket!( YAY TECHNOLOGY!)You only have 2% batterry left. You do you call?



The police are on their way. You hear the killer running towards you. Answer?



You made it. The police caught the killer and you and others and mostly unhurt. Your response?



Schools closed for the next month. Also, Do mind rating This test?


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