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Warrior cats: What is your rank

This is the test to see what your warrior cat rank is. Are you a warrior, deputy, leader, elder, apprentice, kit, ( I think kits are ranks in clans I don't know I only read 1 book, number 3 ) or med.cat!Who knows you might be deputy or leader!Wait.. are you a queen?


Out of these cats, what cat do you want to be?



Which pelt do you want out of these pelt fashions?



Eye color?



She-cat or tom?



So, you are walking in the forest and suddenly a tree is falling over you! What do you do?



Ok, what rank would you like most?



How much do you wanna be a leader?



Who would you like for a mate? Or do you have one..?



RP question. If your out hunting you see lots of prey already dead. Then when you run to go get it a badger jumps out! What do you do....?



You know I am gonna ask it like everyone does. DID you like this quiz?


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