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Are you crazy?

This quiz consists of ten questions. The purpose of the quiz is for fun, so if you're not having fun, take a different quiz! The other purpose to this quiz is to find out how crazy you are, but it's OK if you are crazy, because a lot of other people are too, (possibly including me)! This quiz is not to be taken to literally, as I said earlier, its for fun, so don't get upset if you find out you are actually crazy, (and also don't get upset if you're not)! Also, this test won't exactly give you an accurate answer, it is more of a silly quiz then a actual one, so if it says that you are crazy, don't be too quick to get a therapist! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it and HAVE FUN! PS: Hi Bob!


Do you think you are crazy?



Where do you live?



La la la la la.....






How many friends do you have?



Do you talk in your sleep?



Do you talk to yourself?



Do you talk to REAL people?



Is Bob a random name?



Thanks fir taking this quiz, goodbye.


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