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Lockdown Before Lunch 8

This test will tell you if you're shy or outgoing, but you can take this for the fun too.


In class a killer shoots down the door what do you do



He shoots someone on the leg and they fall down but don't die but are badly injured. What do?



You run out of the classroom and kids are screaming and running around, some of them shot but none dead.



You get a text from your best friend saying "HELP! JANITOR CLOSET!" and you go to the janitor closet. Your friend has been shot in their hand and is bleeding badly.



You both stay silent in the closet and you are armed with a baseball bat and a dodgeball, your friend has a pair of scissors and some healing supplies and a packet of chips.



You both run out and run along and then the killer gets you and takes you along and your friend loses track of you.



He stops dragging you and puts a knife to your neck. You?



Then your crush comes along and QUIKSCOPES the killer with a dodgeball and throws the killer away and helps you up



Your friend finds you



(Let your fate decide.) If your crush saved you from falling



Should I make more



Have you heard of "Lockdown before lunch" try it! I made it and I am still brainstorming,sorry about long holds (Search "Lockdown before lunch" on this site for the series.



What do you like in a boy


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