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Which Harry Potter group are you?

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Would you like to know if you belong in Hufflepuff, slytherin,ravenclaw or griffindor? Well, if you do, then this is the test for you!


The headmaster calls your name ton see what the Sorting Hat would put you in.You:



What group do you want to be put in?



The Sorting Hat is put on your head, and looks at your worst fears. Do you:



The Sorting Hat starts looking at the things you have done, you:



The Sorting Hat is taken off your head, and the headmaster tells you to wait a whiletter for them to tell you your results,, then she puts the hat on a weAK looking girl, you:



One of the teachers call you over, you:



The headmaster says you will be given your score later that day, what do you do?



What are you feeling while taking this test



It is getting dark, and the headmaster still hasn't told you your score. What do you do?



In the morning, the headmaster comed up to you and takes you to their office. What do you do?


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