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What Minecraft character are you?

This quiz has no right or wrong answers, but is mostly stating what character you are from the popular game called Minecraft. There is a percentage at the end of the quiz. 0% to 10% means you are a mooshroom. 11% to 20% means you are a zombie. 21% to 30% means you are a blaze. 31% to 40% means you are a sheep. 41% to 50% means you are a silverfish. 51% to 60% means you are a villager. 61% to 70% means you are a magma cube. 71% to 80% means you are a slime. 81% to 90% means you are a skeleton. 91% to 100% means you are a creeper. Enjoy the quiz and have fun.


Which one of these characters can shoot arrows at you?



Which character can explode if you get too close?



Which mob usually carries a sword and can be found in the nether?



Which animal can give you an item that makes armor?



Can any animal give you gold nuggets?



Is " Steve " a default or downloaded skin?



Is " Kyle " a real default skin in Minecraft?



Is Joey Graceffa a Minecraft pro?



Is Shane Dawson a Minecraft pro?



" Can I become a pro at Minecraft? "


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