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Would You Survive A School Shooting

Oh No Theres A Shooter In Your Your School This Test Will Tell You If You Were Going To Do The Right Thing


A Teacher Comes On The PA System And Says Theres Someone With A Gun What Do You Do



You Hear The Shooter Outside Your Classroom Door What Would You Do



You Fight And Injurer The Shooter You And Your Friend Look For A Place To Hide Where Do You Go



You Get To Another Classroom But The Shooter Followed And Shot You In The Hand. He Also Shot You Friend But He Was Not So Lucky He Got Shot In The Chest. What Should You Do



You Get The First Aid Kit And Clean Up Your Hand. You Make A Run For The Door But The Shooter Was Smart And Wired A Bomb To The Door. What Do You



When You Get Outside You See That There Are More Shooters Blocking The Gate What Should You Do



You See A Cop Car Drive By What Do You Do



The Cop Asks What Happened What Do You Say



Your Parents Come And Ask If You Are Okay And What Happened To Your Sister (Or Brother)



Your Friends Parents Come Ans Ask If He is Okay What Should You Say


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