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Do you have ADHD???

So, each question is a scenario that will probably happen if you suffer from ADHD. Press yes if it applies to something that happens to you, press no if it doesn't.


You forget what you are about to say MID SENTENCE






Your THOUGHTS distract you. You might be doing something normal, then suddenly you just stand/sit there and let your thoughts flow. You stay completely still, thinking, and you forget about the task at hand for at least 2 minutes



There is a tiny amount of NOISE or MOVEMENT somewhere and you are aware of it in the background. Someone asks you a question. Your brain registers the fact that you have been asked something try to think of an answer, but then you realise that you have NO IDEA what the question actually was



This is very similar to the previous question. There is that tiny movement or noise in the background and you notice it. You ask someone a question, and they tell you the answer, but then you realise that you have forgotten what you asked



You can NOT stop fiddling with that thing in your hand. A very annoyed person takes it away from you. You pick up the next thing closest to you and start fiddling with it. Repeat however many times until EVERYBODY HATES YOU =(



This will be very specific, sorry. It's just an example of what happens to me and you might be able to find something similar that is specific to you. ANYHOO, you are in your music lesson. Your teacher asks you to play, say... a D melodic minor scale. You play the scale. Your teacher then says, do it again, but I want the MELODIC MINOR. That is when you realise that you just played the MAJOR scale



You find it impossible to sit still



Sometimes when you have one thought, you make it link to something else. You keep doing this until your last thought in the long chain has no relation to the first thought WHAT SO EVER



If there's something you don't understand, or something someone does/says that you don't like, you will go on a GIGANTIC and ANGRY rant about why you don't like it, no matter if you hurt the person's feelings



You are HORRIBLY indecisive, and you get really worked up and frustrated when you don't know what to pick. And when you pick one thing, then you feel worried because you don't know if the other thing(s) would have been better


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