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I will make you poop!

If you gotta poop, come here now! Test of you can hold it until the end!. I made this cos I'm so close to pooping my pants and the door is locked to bathroom.


How much do you have to poop?



Imagine yourself on the toilet, pooping all that poop. What's happening?



Sit on the edge of a chair and push really hard, what's happening.



Now stand up and lightly push, what's going on?



Take off all your clothes and sit on toilet but don't poop. What's happening?



Put your clothes back on and stay away from the toilet, now push like your trying to poop. How do you feel?



Relax and stop what your doing trying to hold it in. Hm?



Pull your butt cheeks apart and squeeze, what's happening?



Eat a lot of food and wait 30 minutes, what's GOIN on?



Relieve your self but the catch is you can't do it in the toilet your options are: On the floor, in the sink, in a bowl, in your pants, in the shower, on the couch, and on the table.


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