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what is ur feeling right now?

hey it's ur emo girl here... sorry i haven't been around a lot but i've been feeling very sh*tty lately. why? well i miss bobby a lot and i don't really have much to contact him somehow and i've been crying a lot (not all the points cuz of this) i have other problem besides tht. so i'm very depressed right now. i can't sleep and wishing tht one of my friends or bobby were here with me :'( i feel so empty and lonely. so let's not worry about me...... i'll be fine *lies*... ok so u confused on what ur feeling well go onto the quiz... and i'll see ya later


Alright how's life so far for u?



do u want to punch a wall?



how many times do u cry? >.<



Are u single, crushing, or in relationship?



inside in ur lil world, what is like in there?



what's bothering u?



i know this is stupid to ask u guys this but have u had suicide thoughts or even attempts? it's ok to tell me i will understand.



do u ever talk about ur real feelings?



ok i ran out of questions. but have u seen my best friend's youtube vids? if not, watch them! her youtube account is Mickelle Camp. like. comment. subscribe to her channel and there's 100 subscribers we'll do a crazy vid.



i'll do another quiz sometime next week or this week so bye!


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