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hey it's ur emo girl here in the flesh and blood again. sorry i haven't done a quiz in forever but i had to do studying for exams and do exams and go through a lot sh*tty things (not going into detail) so ya... so what do u think u are? don't listen to ur results if it's not the true u. BTW there's a difference between emo and goth and also emo and scene so if u don't have a f*cking idea what i'm talking about go look it up then to what i care so take this as honest as u can so good luck


guy or girl?



alrighty so... let's test u on band stuff first... ok what band is not a emo and goth band? (hint: some scenes listen to them)



ok a true emo would know this but what does emo mean?



ok do u know the difference between emos and goths? (cuz they're always thought as the same thing)



in your opinion, do u think all emos and goths cut?



which one deals with the most bullying in the school year/ outside of school?



why do u think we emos and goths try to stay out of things?



is darkness ur best friend when ur alone in your room?



do u ever show ur feelings around others?



do u ever feel lonely?



Favorite band member?



Rock on my friends <3


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