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Your own custom Creepypasta story!!

This test might be derpy and you might think...( f@&k me it was made before you! ), I know and i give better respect to the person who made it first... But the story is completely different so, please dont hate!!!!


You and your best friend, Ilia and your girl friend ( if a boy ),or your boy friend (if you are a girl) are in your car driving, when you were driving Ilia saw a truck coming your way and tried to warn you, but it was too late, the truck hit you and you wake up, Ilia is dead, your boyfriend Jhonathan or your girlfriend Leah is passed out but he or she is bleeding to death... So what are you going to do?



Say you got out of the car and went home... It took you a long time to get home because you were limping, you get in but someone hit you stabed you in the stomach and you passed out because of the pain and blood loss, you wake up in a room, tied to a chair and you are gepreeted by who?



Say you answer was number 4, You: what the hell? Jeff: oh you woke up, good news kid, your a creepypasta!! You: what the hell do you mean im a creepypasta You freak? You also didn't have to stab me, i already went through too much pain!!!! Jeff: you know, if you keep this crap up, I'll put you aout your misery by ending your life!!!!!! You: ok sorry... Then you get un tied, what are you going to do?



You ask where are you, and jeff says " your here in the creepypasta hideout... I know it's really stupid and all but your here for a reason...)
You walk in a room, and you see Slender man talking to Masky and Hoodie, Sally curled up in a ball and crying up blood, Ben playing a video game not caring about anything, Sonic exe beating up Tails, Eyeless jack eating a kidney ( Of course he is going to eat one ) , and Alice reading a book, then when you walk in, they stop what their doing and look at you, you have to introduce yourself, what is your name going to be?



Once, you introduce yourself and the go back to what their doing, Jeff asks you if you want to try a killing spree, and you say yes, Jeff hands you a knife, and you go to the first random house, you go inside, the people can hear you come in and check whats going on but you stelf aroung them, when you go for the your first victem, you lock the door and barracade it, you start to feel bad deep down inside, because you realize your first victem is a young child, but there is know going back... What do you do now?



You kill a few more people, and go back, when your about to open the door you here a child's scream then you realize,Alice was the one screaming!!!! You go inside and then you... TO BE CONTINUED...



Sorry everyone, we ran out of time i wanted to countinue but my computer is 4 precent of batteries from all this typing so... What until June 1th 2014, is that ok?



Will your rate my test?



Will you like it?



I hope i get to make part 2!! ^ - ^
Good bye!!!!!


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