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Are you scared easily?

Do you think you are scared easily? Or not? Find out in this test, but please don't cheat!


Ok, I know this isn't a question, but I am downloading pictures for this test.



How much sleep do you get each night?



What do you do when you either play a scary game or watch it on youtube?



Let's say that I am your best friend (because none of my friends would EVER go to nerdtests.com). You're sleeping over and you hear me scream and call for help and no adults are home. What do you do?



Okay, same scenario but you're the one getting attacked this time. I'm in the bathroom taking a pee. What do you do?



Do you watch Goosebumps?



You are walking home by yourself and see a weird piece of paper with a picture of a guy in a forest. What do you do?



Super happy fun time!



How do you feel about Death?



None of these answers affect your grade. Did you enjoy my first test?


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