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Would you survive a Haunted House?

yada yada yada, so basically this test is about whether you would SURVIVE a haunted house


Your rich, snobby parents send you to this weird school trip with all your friends. You move in to this creepy a*s house. You get to pick your room, which one would you pick?



You move in to the room you have chosen. The room is big and dark. There is a bunk bed, you get to pick where you wanna sleep, because your friend is a kind mother f*cker and isn't an a*shole. Where would you sleep?



It starts to rain, the teacher tells everyone to go to sleep. You and your friend goes to sleep, but you can't fully sleep. You hear a strange noise coming from the bathroom. What do you do?



You feel thirsty, and get out of bed to get a glass of milk or water or whatever. When you walk slowly in the hallway the lights turn off... what would you do?



Your back in your room, and your friend is up. She/he says she/he heard a scream in the room right next to them. What would you do?



Your friend has been acting weird lately, he/she has been talking in their sleep and hitting their head against the wall. You feel worried and yet you feel an "evil" presence everytime their near. What would YOU do?



Everynight at 12:00am you see the door creak open. Then you feel a strong gush of cold air fill the room. What would you do?



Your in the teacher's room, because you finally agreed it's best to tell the teacher what has been happening. You've been waiting for hours, but your teacher hasn't showed up yet, you start to freak out, what would you do?



You hear footsteps in the hallway, the footsteps seem to get louder. You look around the room and search for a place to hide, where would you hide?



You wake up outside the creepy house and see a whole bunch of empty graves with your friends names on them. You walk around till you find your name. You turn around and see a lady in white with long black flowy hair holding your friend's head. Her feet isn't touching the ground. Oh sh*t ! things are about to get real!


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