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Would You Survive A School Lockdown?

Find out whether you would survive a lockdown or die a horrible death. Are you cunning enough to live?


You are in math class with your best friend and favorite teacher and suddenly the lockdown alarm goes off. What do you do?



Wherever you ended up, you start to hear gunshots.



If you tried to barricade the door the serial killer broke in and shot your whole class including you. However if you did something else your teacher looked on his/her phone and found out that there was a crazy mental killer running through your school. What do you do?



Your teacher decides to take your class outside through the window, but when you get outside the cops shoot your teacher by mistake think that he/she is the killer.



The cops go and get your teacher (who magically survives) and your classmates and calms them down. Eventually they decide to go into the school. Do you follow them or not?



If you followed the cops inside, stayed behind, or already left, you discovered that the killer stabbed your best friend 1000000 times! What do you do?



Your parents arrive at the school and are really worried, as they find out that your sister was shot. What do you do?



Do you consider yourself wildly athletic, aggressive and cunning, or a wimp.



Are you happy that this is over?



One final question:
Would you want to survive a lockdown, or would you risk your life to save a friend's?


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