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would you survive the zombies part 3

sorry part 2 had some missed spelled words. part 3 might have missed spelled words too please rate and enjoy the quiz . thank you


you walked and walked thinking who killed the docter but you her a loud noise a helicopter! your going saved but zombies are in your way and you lost you gun you found weapons what should you use?



wohoo! you killed those who were attacking you but the helicopter is what attentin could you give them



yes!! you said somehow a rope came down from the helicopter do you say..



suddenly a ugly and scary zombie grabbed your leg and started biting your leg and you kicked him and he was your little brother what do you do



you finaly got on the plane but .... no one was there you hear someone laughing it was the pilot you went and said



he didnt hear you he kept laughing more who is this



u start feeling dizzy you forgot you got bitten there is medicine 12 feet away but you dont have strength what do you do



you passed out and woke up in this wierd room and you screamed ...



you got up and you were stuck in this white room with just a bed what do you do



did you like the test D:


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