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Can you escape from school

You are in class when the teachers become killing maniacs. ESCAPE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are in class when suddenly handcuffs shoot out of your chair. You are the only person fast enough to dodge the cuffs. Everyone else is trapped! What do you do?



You are able to get into the hall, but you are surrounded. You have a pair of scissors and a sharpened pencil. What do you do?



Let's say you started fighting. All goes well until you get hit in the head with a baseball bat and you get knocked unconscious . When you wake up, you are tied to a chair and handcuffed. In the afternoon, everyone is untied and the teachers start leading you along a dirt path. What do you do?



Let's say you just kept going. You end up in a old cobwebby barn, far from the rest of civilization. Your hands and feet are shackled to a wall. You notice your hand chains have some cracks. What do you do?



Let's say you fight. You see your friends getting captured until you are the only person left.



Let's say you ran off. You get back to the school. The students are stuck in a locked room with the teachers. You have a hammer.



Let's say you fought. You manage to free half the students.



Let's say you go to the classroom to hide. The door has no peephole. Someone knocks on the door. Do you open it?



Let's say you open the door. Outside a group of escapees ask to join you.



Let's say you went to rescue the students. Your weapon is a...



You've succeeded in rescuing the students. Where do you go?



Yay! You escaped! Did you like this test? ( this won't change your score)


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