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Does he like you? :)

Are you having troubles with telling if your crush likes you or not? Easy. Just take this quiz for a few minutes and you'll get answers easily without taking days to figure the routes out! :) This will be worth it love xx.


To start things off, do you think he likes you? This is very important!



Does he ever touch you? (ex. arm, accidentally touching your hand, or footsies? etc.)



Does your friends think he likes you? :3



Has he ever teased you before? (Playfully teasing!)



Has he ever stared at you before?



Lately has HIS friend's been teasing him about you? ;)



Does he blush when you talk to him or smile a lot?



Does he talk about you to others?



Does he stutter when he talks to you, or acts nervous or shy?



Pick letter A please (for the right answer.)! I want you to read this.
If you think he doesn't like you, there is chances he could. There is many ways to tell if a guy likes you. Like the old fashioned "I hate you!" When really he's denying his feelings, or straight up "Hey sally, I like you" or the confusing/shy one. "Hi...(your name)...Do you want to um...never mind I don't really like you bye!" There is more to this list really. I want you to have confidence in yourself. Because that is another major attraction to guys C:


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