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Free XBox 360 Survey

Welcome boys and girls, to the Free XBox 360 giveaway survey! Answer these questions and you might be able to win a Free XBox 360! If you don't win, you will be given the same amount of dollars (or any currency) you got points!


(This Question Is Not A Part Of The Test, Therefore Will Not Effect Your Score)

This test is not a real survey, so once you continue, if you win (which that is possible) you will not receive anything. Do you understand?



Do you own an XBox of any kind currently?



How old are you?



What do you like about the XBox?



Do you have parental permission to get an XBox if you are under 18?



Are you going to share the XBox?



If you win, how many games are you going to purchase from a local GamesStop, Walmart, Target, or any other store that sells games compatible for XBox.



Are you going to purchase XBox Live membership?



Do you have any pets, small children, or anything that could possibly damage the XBox living with/near you?



What would you classify yourself as?


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