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Which Element Would You Control?

The four elements are powerfull ones. If someone could control one of them, that would be awesome! Controlling Water is controlling the ocean, ice, and being able to talk to any water animals. You can also breath underwater! Controlling Fire is, well controlling fire...and anything hot. ex. lava, your mom's cook stove, ect. Controlling Air is controlling wind, oxegen, tornadoes. Not to mention you can fly! Controlling Earth is controlling plants and how they grow or rocks that fly in the air. Also you can talk to animals! Enjoy! Note: This is my first test so please don't be mad if it's bad.


First off which element do you think you will control?



What do you consider yourself?



What is your favorite season?



What is your favorite color out of these?



What don't you like about yourself or what's your worst trait?



How does this picture make you feel?



What is your favorite animal?



What color are your eyes?



Pretend you are in a room with no doors, no windows, and the walls are unbreakable. What do you do? (I heard this one from my friend)



Last question.... Did you like this quiz?


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