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Poop scenarios

Take this poopy test to find out what you do when you need to poop!


You're at the beach with your family. You really need to poop, but there are no public bathrooms for 20 miles. What do you do?



You are at the supermarket. You need to poop so bad. Where do you poop?



It's Saturday morning. You're too lazy to get up, but you really need to poop. Plus, your poop is diarrhea. What do you do?



You're at a basketball game, and obviously you need to poop real bad! The security guards won't let anyone out of the area. What do you do?



You are hiking in the woods with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and you need to poop like crazy. There are no bathrooms anywhere. What do you do?



You are at a public swimming pool. It's really crowded and you can't take your bathing suit off. The bathrooms smell and the lines are 20 miles long. You need to poop really bad. There are too many people blocking your path to get out of the pool. What do you do?



You are really mad at someone. Plus you need to pee and poop. What do you do?



Someone forgot to flush their poop. No one is in the bathroom except you. What do you do?



Do you like to poop?



On a scale of 1-10 how poopy are you?


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