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Does he like you? Find out now!

So you're totally into a guy, or you don't even have to be, and you wanna find out if he likes you back? There can be multiple hints that can suggest he does, sometimes he can do it on purpose because he's too shy to tell you. But remember, different types of guys can give different types of hints. Some of them might not even drop hints at all. Find out in this quick and simple quiz!


Does he ever bump into you in the halls? Maybe purpousely?



Does he ever tease you? Like just a joke? (About looks, possessions, etc.)



Do you make it obvious that you like him?



Does he ever text you/call you?



Does he talk to you often? Like between classes and at the lunch break?



Does he follow you around and sit next to you on the school bus? (Like on trips or if you're on the same bus)



Do you ever catch him staring at you? If you do, do you lock on each others eyes? (Doesn't have to be for long)



Does he show up in places that you DON'T go often?



What's your relationship with him?



How would you say he treats you compared with how he treats everyone else?


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