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The Who Am I Test

God, you already read the other discription, now its asking me to give you ANOTHER one???!!! OMG, sheesh!
P.S. There is only one variable, which will rate you on how good of answers you choose. The "What it means" part you get at the end of this test tells you molre of your personality. The higher you score, the better your personality is!

1) Do you think you have... (click one that you believe.)

a good personality
a bad personality
I dunno- thats why I'm here!

2) What do your friends say about you (most often) (if you don't have friends, just random people in general.)

That I'm really nice.
That I'm great to talk to.
That I'm mean at times.
That I'm a little weird.
That I'm smart.
That I'm dumb/stupid/freaky/nerdy/geeky

3) What do you think?

I think I'm a geek.
I think I'm blonde.
I think I'm a fairy princess.
I think I am overly obssessed w/ Internet/Bill Gates/Computers
I think I'm mean... and I like it, oh yeah baby!
I hate me.

4) Do you tell jokes to...

I don't. I'm very business-y like.
lighten the mood? Yes.
just be funny? Yes.
Answers 2 and 3.

5) Do you ever beg for something a friend has?

All the time!
If its something they stole from *me*!

6) How many friends do you have?

I can't even count!
I can't count that high!

7) What do you buy your friends for Christmas/Birthdays/Other Occasions?

Gift Card
Depends on what the friend likes..
Big gifts- I love my friends so much!
Small gifts- I'm sooo poor, but I try!
Small gifts- I just do.

8) Are you social?

No. I'm shy, but if I wasn't I'd make good friends fast!
No, until I warm up to the new people.

9) How much time do you spend online/on the computer?

pd= per day

0 hours pd
1-2 hours pd
3-5 hours pd
6+ hours per day
I only go on once in a while,

10) Choose your favorite expression.

A penny earned is a penny saved.
Eat to live, don't live to eat.
Finders Keepers!
When life gives you lemons, say "I like lemons, what else ya got?"
What does this have to do with my personality???

11) Do this math problem AND PLEASE- NO CALCULATERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Be honest!
Problem: 25 x 25= ???

I seriously can't do it.
Correct Answer not available

12) If you found money on the ground, what would you do?

Hit and run!
My favorite saying,"Finders Keepers" says it all.
Give it to the police.
Give it to charity/church/fundraiser
Ask people if its theirs
Depends how much $$!

13) Do you say... (check the most commen one)

I dunno/don't know
I love you
I love her/him
Your my bestest fray-yend!
I hate you/her/him/it/me

14) Are you desperate to know your results?


15) ...Well, here they are!


Please allow up to 15 seconds to process your score.

Test by: IluvInternet24/7 [ edit ]

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