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The Booze Test

This test will test how much you of a drunk you are? Can you hold your own after 6 shots of vodka or are you in the bathroom after the smell of the first?

1) Have you ever drank alcohol?

No and never will
what is that?
Maybe when I become legal
Atleast once a week

2) Do you enjoy the taste of Booze?

Yes- it feels yummy in the tummy
Only some drinks but not all
No but I drink it to get drunk
Nope and will never drink it again
I don\'t know

3) Have you ever blown into a breathalyzer?

I own one to test for fun!
I have the high score!!!!
Only from a cop
My breathe doesn\'t need analyzining

4) Has or does your liver hurt?

Yes but only when I drink
Yes, all the time
Where is my liver located?
Your liver can\'t feel pain!
My liver is practicaly brand new

5) Have you had to find or get a ride to your car after a night of drinking?

Yes I drink but never drive drunk
No I drive better when I\'m Drunk
Twice, don\'t ask I can\'t remember
I don\'t have a licence......any more
I am always DD

6) Drinking + fun =

A night sleeping next to the toilet
A night sleeping in the toilet
A night thinking your bed was the toilet
A night of total awesomeness
A night and day and the next day after kinda next to the toilet

7) Have you ever tried to reinstall Windows?

Yes, but I lost the screws
Yes, and I had to borrow things from next door
Yes, it is a monthly thing, pretty much!
No, I have the most stable operating system EVER!

8) Have you ever taken an online test while drunk?

Yes I am right now!
Yes but not that often
No, but it sounds fun
Not yet, but i will take 3 shots before i finish so i can pick this answer
No, I want to know my true score and not my altered state of mind score
No, drinking and the internet doesn\'t mix well with me

9) Drinking games are....

Great! except they don\'t get my drunk fast enough...
Good as long as they don\'t get out of hand...
A great way to get to know people
A great way to get your freinds wasted

10) Have you ever taken the drunk test at drunktests.com?

Yes and It was awsome!
No But I will after this test
No and I won\'t because I\'m tired of these kind of questions
Yes and it told me I was a drunk :)
Yes and it told me i was a drunk :(

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