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The Scary Test

This test will test how afraid you are of things, whether you are brave or a scaredy-cat. Answer questions on situations that you have been in to see if you acted bravely or fearfully.

1) You are lying awake at night. Suddenly you here a loud thump coming from nearby. What do you do?

Go investigate.
Ignore it.
Hide under the covers and hope to fall asleep soon.

2) You are watching a scary DVD. Suddenly something jumps at the screen. What do you do?

Tense up
keep watching with no reaction

3) You run across a road and a truck nearly hits you. What do you do?

Say over and over "oh my god".
Continue, feeling very shaken.
Swear at the driver and give him the finger.

4) You meet up with your boy/girlfriend at a romantic dinner.

Stumble and stutter "H-h-h-h-i!"
Say something boring like "Good evening"
Stride up to him/her and say some catchy and romantic greeting

5) You go to a job interview.

Fiddle with your tie, get your personals wrong and stutter.
Do it a calmly, even though inside you feel like a 100 butterflies are clawing there way out.
Do it all calmly, and inside you feel a little bored.

6) You are stuck in a burning building, and the fire brigade are taking their time with the ladder.

Scream for help till you run out of breath
Lie on the floor, as that is where most oxygen is.
Grab some non-flammable sheets and towels , make a parachute and leap from the window.

7) You are scuba diving, and you runout of oxygen.

Panic and get straight to the surface.
Go up slowly, to prevent the bends. Your inside are screaming at you to forget the bloody bends and swim up ASAP.
Shrug, tap the oxygen meter then continue. After all, you already have two lungfuls of air to keep you going for a while.

8) You are BASE jumping. You are preparing to jump off a huge bridge.

Cross yourself, kiss the picture of your boy/girlfriend and jump.
Take a leisurely dive. After all, the equipment is almost guaranteed to work, right?

9) You post a digital image on the internet that you have been working on for 6 months.

Never look at the comments. They might be mean.
Feeling nervous, look at the comments.
Look at the comments, and if ANYONE says the think it's crap FLAME THEM!!

10) You are in a major play.

Stumble on your lines, run offstage ASAP, pay for a double.
Feeling like your stomach just ate your mout, do it all right. Barely.
Breeze through your lines and positions. Who cares about the audiences opinions?

11) You are the president, and your Cabinet just reccommended to you to blow up the Red Sea.

Reach out for the button, then collapse.
Do it, but blame someone else.
Do it, then assure the world there was a good reason for it.

12) You find a dead body.

Scream and faint
Call the police. Then hurl.
Call the police. Then take photos, record it in your diary the walk off.

13) You find a drug trafficking organization

Never go to an airport again.
Call the Police, and demand anonymity.
Take out the drug dealers yourself. Then call the police.

14) You see a child run onto a road.

Run out and get it, dodge the cars and get back safely.

15) You press "results" on an internet "How Dumb are You?" Test, and see your intelligence is 0.

Try again, puzzled.
Flame the author!

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Test by: Potnky [ edit ]

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