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The lame people Test

you should eat some toast for breakfast

1) wut would you do if a truck was coming toward you at 2300 kilometers per hour?

grab the old lady who lives across the street and throw her in front of you like a shield
run up and try to hug the driver's dog
eat a banana
smile sweetly
all of the above

2) an old lady comes up to you and asks: hello sweet heart, would you like to come to my mansion to watch a baseball game (courtside seats) and eat apple pie, what would you do?

scream: mommyyyyyy, an old lady is torturing me!
start swearing in dutch
ask her wut team is playing
of course, who would turn down court side seats?!

3) what is your favorit kind of pie?

i hate pie
hola(hi in spanish)

4) do you think this test is totally pointless?

of course
i can't talk right now, im drinking a glass of orange juice
i'm not quite sure wut you mean

5) hi

where is the question
grahm crackers taste good
you are stupid
why do you care?

6) is this the most weirdest test you have ever taken?

no, it totally rox my sox
you are super stupid
weird means what again?
all of the above

7) do u think smiley faces are awsome

no way
i guess
wut is a smiley face?

8) duhhh.....

you just spelled the alphabet
duhhh. . . . .

9) this test is over, wut did you think of it?

it was the best test i have ever taken
it rocked my sox
it was awful
wutever, dude

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Test by: finkyGal14 [ edit ]

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