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The Introvert-Extrovert Test

This short, 10 question test is designed to determine your 'outgoingness' personality trait.

Please select the best response to the following scenerios.a

1) You have just been invited to go out with just a few friends.

I feel terrified
I am not all that excited about it, but I will probably go
I love going out with friends

2) It is Thursday night.

I have no idea what I will be doing Saturday night.
I have a pretty good idea what I will be doing Saturday.
I know exactly what I will be doing on Saturday.

3) It is 9:30pm on Saturday. Your cellphone rings and you do not recognize the telephone number.

I immediately answer it, it might be that guy/gal I have been talking to
I don't answer it and wait for them to leave a message. I'll call back if it is important.
I don't answer it, but I'll call them back only if I know who it is.
I answer it out of consideration only.

4) At work, where are you most bored?

In a meeting.
At your desk.

5) How easy is it to get to know the real you?

Very easy.
Easy, once I get to know the other person.
Difficult, my friends don't even know the real me.

6) You have just entered a crowded room, and trip just a few seconds after entering.

I am very embarassed.
You get back up and joke about your "new feet"
You hope nobody saw you and you quickly walk out of the room.

7) Small talk...

Helps get the conversation going.
Is awkward.
Chimes in the ending of useful conversation.

8) You find out that your "friend" made something up about you to cover up something they did.

I confront the "friend" and ask they apologize
I tell others the "friend" made that crap up.
I start making things up about that "friend."
I say nothing, and that "friend" is no longer a friend to me.

9) Do your peers (not friends) see you as...

Cold and calculating.
Warm and caring.
The hottest action in town.

10) In school...

I loved it when the teacher said I did a great job.
I got embarrassed when the teacher said I did a great job.
I got yelled at by the teacher to settle down.

Please allow up to 15 seconds to process your score.

Test by: NerdMan [ edit ]

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