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Other - Bless You

A Bishop wants to go horse-riding and so goes to see his friend who sells horse, "You would like this one Bishop, it a special, Holy horse!" he said
"How?" the bishop replied
"just says bless you if you want to go faster and say amen if you want to stop."
So the bishop buys the holy horse and gets on it at home. He wondered how to start it and then remembered what the man said
"Bless You." The horse starts to move
"Bless you." The horse trots
"Bless you." The horse gallops
"Bless you" The horse travels ike a rocket. Suddenly the bishop see the cliffs of Dover and he is spedding right off the cliff. Thinking he is goiong to die he says a prayer, at the end he says "Amen!" the horse stops at the very edge of the cliff. The bishop is so releived and pats the horse, "Ah Bless you."!!!!!!!

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