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Other - Headache

There was a man who had the worst headache anyone could have. After two years, he finally went to a doctor. After many tests, the doctor came to a conclusion.
"Okay, we can cure your headaches, but we have to castrate you." the doctor says
"What?! You can be serious!"
"I'm sorry, but it's the only thing I can do for you."
A few days pass, and the man can't take it anymore. He agrees to do the surgery. After the surgery, he feels great.
"I...I can't believe it. I don't feel a thing. I need to get a new suit and go out." He goes out to the tailor and sees a old, small man.
"I need a new suit." he says happily.
"Okay, I would suggest a black pinstripe for you, 48 chest, 35 inseam and 40 leg."
"Wow, how did you know that?"
"I've been in this business for 50 years."
Now the suit is put on the man and it looks great.
"Now we just have to get you some underwear. I suggest a 34." the tailor said.
"No, I'm a 32." the man corrected.
"No, I believe you're a 34. I've been in this business for 50 years"
"Trust me, I've been wearing 32s for two years." the man stated.
"Alright, but if you do, you'll get massive headaches."

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