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Other - The Guy Who Knows Everyone

One day Phil was in a bar and struck up a conversation with a guy named Joe McGillicuty, who claimed he knew everyone – everyone in the world.

“That’s impossible,” said Phil. “Nobody can know everybody in the world.”

“Well, I do,” said Joe. “And I’ll prove it to you. Let’s go.”

So they started walking, and everywhere they went people said “Hey, Joe!”

“See?” said Joe.

“So you know everybody in town,” said Phil. “That doesn’t prove you know everyone in the world.”

Next, they hopped a bus to the city, and everyone on the bus knew Joe. They went to the airport, and the stewardesses all knew Joe by name. The pilot came out and shook Joe’s hand, glad to see him. But still Phil wasn’t convinced.

“So, you know a lot of people,” said Phil. “It’s still impossible to know everyone in the world.”

They flew to Italy, and went straight to the Vatican. Joe said he would convince Phil by getting in to see the Pope. The guards all knew Joe and said he could go in, but for security reasons he couldn’t bring Phil.

“Tell you what,” said Joe. “I’ll get my buddy, the Pope, to come out on the balcony and wave to you. How’s that?”

Well, Phil was impressed but still didn’t believe Joe’s claim. He waited outside and soon crowds of people began to form, having heard the Pope would make an appearance. Soon the crowds swelled and Phil got pushed way back from the cathedral. He saw two people come out on the balcony to wave, but it was so far away he couldn’t see very well. He asked the man next to him,

“Excuse me, can you see who that is on the balcony?”

“Well,” said the man, “I don’t know about that one guy, but the other one is Joe McGillicuty.”

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