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Sex - Sex Theory

A scientist researched a theory that the more times you make love, the happier you are. To put this theory to the test, he decided to do a mass
test. He got 100 people and sat them in front of a huge stage. He then asked the question "Who here makes love once a day?"
About half the audience put up their hand, laughing happily. The scientist then asked, "Who here makes love once a week?"
About a quarter of the audience put up their hands, smiling as they did so.
The scientist asked who made love about once a month, with under a quarter of the audience affirming the fact. None of them were smiling.
To ram home his point even further, he asked who made love once a year. A man near the back jumped up and down, waving his arms and laughing uncontrollably! The scientist was surprised to see this contradiction to his theory, so asked why he was so happy.

The man replied: "It's tonight! It's tonight!"

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