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Blonde - Magic Lamp

One day a brunette was walking though the desert, when she found a magic lamp.

She went over to the lamp and when she rubbed it a genie came out.

The genie said you get 3 wishes but one catch, every blond in the world will get double what you wish for.

She said "fine"

For her first wish she reqested an incredibly handsome man.
And the genie said "okey but every blond in the world will get 2 hansome men." She said "that's fine"

Next she wished for a new converdible, with the exception that every blond got 2 converdibles.

Finally the brunette said to the genie, "do you see that stick over there?" The genie said "yes"
The brunette told the genie, " I want you to beet me half to death with it."

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