- The Real (Fun) Personality Test -
Are you an evil overlord, an egghead, a conman, or something entirely different?

These days it seems that there are hundreds upon hundreds of personality tests out on the Internet. Well, now NerdTests.com is making one, thereby adding another personality test to the 'net, but with a splash of humor.

The hours of dedicated research (roughly one or two) by the team (of one person), has provided the following delightful test. Seemingly, people can be placed into 16 different personalities bins--a combination of
(I)ntroverts / (E)xtraverts, (S)ensing / i(N)tuition, (T)hinking / (F)eeling, and (P)erceiving / (J)udging--
as many of you probably already know. So, take the test, and learn what your true* personality is.

Just like many of the tests on this site, you will receive an award graphic so that you can show others how much of a nerd you are, with the additional ability to customize the graphic with your own picture!

Have fun and share this test with others!

Special thanks to Franklin @ Xero for allowing the use of his personality descriptions at the conclusion of this test.

*Disclaimer: This is not a real MBTI-type test. CPP, Inc. is the publisher of the actual Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This test, results, and site are not affiliated or endorsed by CPP, Inc. The information provided by this test is intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are interested in a certified personality inventory, please visit: http://www.cpp.com/.

To get to know you a little better, we'll first ask a few demographic questions:

Are you a guy or gal?

How old (or young) are you?

Which country have you lived in the longest:

It seems you found this test via an external link. How well do you know the person you got this link from?

    The link was from a search engine
    I don't know this person
    I know him / her, but not close
    I know him / her, but don't really like
    We're friends
    We're close friends
    In a happy relationship / marriage
    In a so so relationship / marriage
    In a bad relationship / marriage

Now we will begin the deeply probing personality questions. We do ask that your first time through you try to be as honest as possible, then you can go back after your initial results to become anyone you want to be!

Do you...

(q1) ...notice that when you talk all day you're so exhausted that when you get home you just sit and stare at nothing?
   Yes   No

(q2) ...use your own feelings to understand what others will feel about your decision, and use that knowledge to get followers?
   Yes   No

(q3) ...live in the now, as the future is volatile and you could expire at any moment?
   Yes   No

(q4) ...get assigned tasks, and, for the most part, know what needs to be immediately done?
   Yes   No

(q5) ...feel at ease in meetings where the only agenda is a solving a problem?
   Yes   No

(q6) ...create a list of activities to do on a vacation you'll be taking in a few weeks from now?
   Yes   No

(q7) ...feel on edge when asked to present your opinion on a matter when you only have vague information?
   Yes   No

(q8) ...set targets and deadline dates, as doing so gives you aim and something to look forward to?
   Yes   No

(q9) ...enjoy juicy gossip about a friend's new boyfriend?
   Yes   No

(q10) ...provide a critical analysis, even though it will be highly unpopular?
   Yes   No

(q11) ...think silence is a form of stupidity?
   Yes   No

(q12) ...feel incomplete if your checkbook is not balanced?
   Yes   No

(q13) ...easily break complex problems into sequential tasks, then actually complete a task before moving on to the next?
   Yes   No

(q14) ...prefer talking to one close friend over talking with a group of friends?
   Yes   No

(q15) ...get a rush when completing a project or task at the very last moment?
   Yes   No

(q16) ...drop plans to see a movie with a friend to attend a just-learned-about beer pong tournament?
   Yes   No

(q17) ...easily disagree with someone during a meeting, regardless of their hierarchical position?
   Yes   No

(q18) ...sometimes get asked for opinions at a meeting, and have absolutely no idea what was asked?
   Yes   No

(q19) ...find it very easy to come up with practical solutions to new problems using your superior common sense?
   Yes   No

(q20) ...find that it is easier to seek consensus than to use facts and logic in a decision?
   Yes   No

(q21) ...often think over about what decision to make, and wait until the last moment to act on it?
   Yes   No

(q22) ...use mostly past experience to suggest a plan of attack of a difficult problem or person?
   Yes   No

(q23) ...suggest solutions to a difficult problem that you remember from some obscure research paper?
   Yes   No

(q24) ...feel comfortable when approached to act as a mediator in friends' (or minions') arguments?
   Yes   No

(q25) ...think tomorrow and later can be better than today and actively plan for future success or domination?
   Yes   No

(q26) ...avoid your own feelings in making unpopular decisions?
   Yes   No

(q27) ...find that being by yourself is somewhat uncomfortable?
   Yes   No

(q28) ...find it easy to talk on the phone, listen to music, eat lunch, and watch a YouTube video simultaneously?
   Yes   No

(q29) ...go, randomly, to a building you have never been to, just to check it out?
   Yes   No

(q30) ...avoid making commitments that impede flexibility and freedom?
   Yes   No

(q31) ...believe personality clashes are an ordinary part of relationships and decisions?
   Yes   No

(q32) ...analyze data full of holes and fuzzy meaning, and it not be a nightmare?
   Yes   No

(q33) ...remember movies more on plot than by quotations?
   Yes   No

(q34) ...find that you can easily and quickly react to someone's discomfort or comfort, even if they try to hide it?
   Yes   No

(q35) ...get a sick feeling in your stomach when someone dislikes you or your ideas?
   Yes   No

(q36) ...stress out when your assigned project is not finished and it is due within a few hours?
   Yes   No

Think of someone you really enjoy being with, e.g. a spouse, a life-long friend, etc...

Pause, and picture this person in your mind.

More often, between the two of you, which:

(c1) ...asks the other to go out?
   (S)he does   I do

(c2) ...is more sensitive to others' feelings?
   (S)he is   I am

(c3) ...acts without a detailed plan?
   (S)he does   I do

(c4) ...completes work well before the deadline?
   (S)he does   I do

(c5) ...thinks before acting?
   (S)he does   I do

(c6) ...challenges others' decisions?
   (S)he does   I do

(c7) ...guesses at how things work?
   (S)he does   I do

(c8) ...uses common sense?
   (S)he does   I do

We've read somewhere that there seems to be a correlation between personality types and IQ. Personally, it seems bogus, but we'll check it out anyway.


Which image below should go in the above "?" spot?


If 0101 + 1100 = 0001, what is 1100 + 0101?


If all wortpies are milsects, and some milsects are barfoon, which following statement is definitely true?
   All wortpies are barfoon.
   Some wortpies are barfoon.
   No wortpies are barfoon.
   Some wortpies may be barfoon.
   All milsects are wortpies.
   Everything barfoon are wortpies.


Which image below solves the above equation?


Last question! What is the missing number in the following?

 { 1, 6, 3, 7, ?, 12, 9, 14 }


Please allow at least 15-30 seconds to process your score before clicking again.
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