(Make A Word)

Make a Word is a word game in which you are presented a 3 by 3 matrix of letters. From these letters you are to make as many words as possible in 2 minutes using any combination of the letters. Letters may be used as many times as necessary, or not at all. Words must be 3 to 10 letters in length, and must be real words
( No acronyms, proper nouns, or slang )

Scoring is as follows:
   10 points for each real word in the list
   2 point bonus for 4-letter real words
   5 point bonus for 5-letter real words
   10 point bonus for 6-letter real words
   20 point bonus for 7-letter real words
   50 point bonus for 8- to 10-letter real words
   1 point deduction for each letter in a non-real word
   Duplicate words are not permitted

Currently there are over two-hundred 3x3 matrices, and each has its own high-score list. As the game grows in popularity, more matrices will be added.

UPDATE (30 Nov 2006) Over 100 new puzzles have been added. Please enjoy!

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Please note, SLANG and PROPER NOUNS (i.e. *names* of people, games, countries, cities, towns, buildings, rivers, building, toys, etc...) are not recognized by MAW.
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