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Will you survive my Horror Movie?

In this test, you can find out if you would survive Heath murdering you to death.


You are 10 years old. You are home alone and you hear a knock on the door. What do you do?



The person knocks louder. What do you do?



There's nobody there. It's just a DVD with a note. Which do you do first?



The note said,
This movie will scare you,
It will make you cry.
This movie will get you,
you will be surprised.
But I have to tell you,
This movie has died.
If you watch this movie,
You won't ever come outside alive....



The movie turns out to be really good. But at the end, a girl starts walking towards the screen. She smiles creepy and says,"This movie is murder, this movie is death, I forgot to tell you. Watch out for the little girl named Heath. The lights in start to flicker and and the TV goes static.



You're crush from across the street came over because she/he heard you scream. The lights go out, and you hold on to him/her. You,



The lights go back on. But you see Heath. You,



You escape, but now heath is chasing you! There is a Gun and a cell phone near you. What do you do?



You're mom is here and she yells something up to the heavens. It's not English and her voice sounds all echo . Heath dissapears. You all are safe.



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