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Are You Evil Or Good?

If you want to know if you're good or bad then this test is the best one. You never know!


First of all, and I like asking people this, (I did in my last test: Are You Crazy? Which you should look at) are you a good person or a bad person?



Next question. What do want to be when you grow up?



What would you do if you got a billion, (which ever currency you use, but we'll use dollars just for the sake of letting people who don't know what a currency is,) dollars?



How many times have you spent your time for charity or anything else that's good.



Has anyone told you that you were a good person? Or have they told you that you were a bad person?



A dog has walked by you. He looks starved to death and could use some showering. He's not going to harm you. He has no collar. He looks sad and he looks like a good dog. He doesn't look sick. He's just starving. What do you do?



Do you hate anyone?



What was the real reason you took the test?



Second last question. Were you honest in this test?



Finally...What do you think you are?


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